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Muscle soreness

Moist Heat Therapy. 

Yoga is a comprehensive effective method to maintain your new body.  Hot Yoga is my preference. 

I always enjoy a rosemary eucalyptus sea salt hot bath.( Receipe) 

Headaches, muscle weakness & pain

Hydration is critical after receiving a decongesting and decompressive massage. The body wants protein, water & electrolytes. Add a protein shake supplement to your diet for best recovery. Be sure to follow the Klean Athlete recommendations provided you. Drink an extra glass of water or 100 ounces per day.

Muscle Reflex. After the muscle has been lengthened its' memory is to shorten. The tissue attached to the base of the skull may become inflamed. Moist heat is the best method. (youtube.com)

Neuromuscular re education may sometimes feel like the joint is unstable. the muscles and nerves will function better and become stronger 24 to 48 hours.

Pain and Bruising

pain occurs as a result of the adhesion being separated from other structures and tissues. nerves may become inflamed as a result of calfications pressing against them. cold packs indirectly to the site help to soothe immmediate pain. Doterra Deep Blue or our Seven CBD Salve can be applied daily for best results.               CBD BODYWRAP   $70

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