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Total Body Restoration

NEVER...Just a massage. Save 30% every visit. No Membership.

We are experienced pracititioners committed to providing the best therapeutic massage. We use multiple modalities including Swedish massage, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, PNF and Physical therapy rehabilitation methods. 


  1. "Heal the mind and the body will follow..." Learn to meditate into a restful state and return to it when life overwhelms.
  2. Custom Massage & Bodywork - We include ALL modalities Swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular, Fascial Stretch Therapy, non invasive scar tissue removal, mobility and energy balancing. 
  3. Table Sauna Each session includes a circulation and detoxification treatment to complete the total body transformation.
  4. Essential Oil Therapy & Treatment Essential oils are plant based nutrients necessary to maintain our total mind body health. These nutrients are absorbed into the body and promote better mood and function.
  5.  "Every practitioner has their tools." Synergy Hot Stones are designed for bodywork. They soothe and relieve all tension right out of your body from every curve.

Benefits: Invigorating Body and Mind. Increase strength, restore joint & neuromuscular functions, increase flexibility, eliminate pain and optimize total mental & physical performance. 

Senior & Youth Treatment plans for mobility and pain management 60 MINUTES $45


CBD MASSGE Oil: Amazing 300mg of Low Dose Cannibus therapy. Ultra Relax!

RADIO FREQUENCY FOR $30 - Non-Invasive adhesion and scar tissue removal 

Advanced procedures: 

PERFORMANCE BODYWORK™  & NIFDT™ Scar tissue removal.


         Intro-60   $55 

         Intro-90   $85

Custom Bodywork-60   $70

Custom Bodywork-90   $100


Seniors & Youth-60  $45

Fascial Stretch Therapy-60  $70


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Krystal Rivers

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What to Expect



      A hot bath or shower before your custom massage & bodywork session is best to begin relaxing your body and decompressing your mind.  You are completely covered during your session. 

The body part receiving the treatment is exposed. 


What to Wear

     Wear or bring with you comfortable stretchable clothing. Yoga pants, athletic tops, shorts, athletic shirts and comfortable shoes easy to take off and put on. Clothing is optional.  Undergarments, bikini bottoms or speedos are best. Clothing may get wet during Table Sauna portion of treatment. Lotions and oils may stain clothing. 

Pain management and specialty procedures



     No make up or eyelash extensions is best. If you have had injectable treatments wait for swelling or bruising to diminish. Botox and fillers 3-5 days. Spinal injections 7-10 days. Surgery 14 days.



     Each session begins with a Guided Mind Body Awareness meditation: an introduction to deep breathing and mental activation of circulation: moving blood, water and oxygen to intended spaces of the body.    

     The practitioner will vocally prompt you while you mentally perform the action. This is very important to understand and follow. Some areas of your body may be inflamed and sensitive. This technique will help to minimize discomfort during and after your session.