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Oligoforce Spa - Rejuvenate and Boost! 

Our luxorious body wraps exfoliate, detoxify your body and deeply hydrate your skin. Leaving you with more energy & healthier skin. Holistic massage and wrap Treatment for Total Mind Body Relax.

MorphoDesigner - General Weight Loss & Celluli Attack  

Bodywraps are "THE" consistent "GO TO" METHOD for safe, practical and effective weight and cellulite management. Lose inches and keep it off.

Sculpt Zone - Body Sculpting Plan.  At DMS, be sure that we have tested every treatment and procedure.  


Thanks to our latest generation body wrap, lose inches and erase visible cellulite. 2 options Express 3 day treatment or Intensive 2 week program.The most value for your money is what we offer. 

Rapid Method ($400 & $560)

  • If you need to lose 2-3 inches and up to 15 lbs quickly. Our Rapid cellulite and weight loss program is what you need. Every body is different, 2-3 wraps per week for 2 weeks will have you looking great and feeling great.
  • Includes nutrition & mobility plan

Long Term Treatment Method (2 hours per session $1600)

Our body contouring treatment plan is 8 sessions in 6 weeks includes: nutrition plan, mobility plan, massage, treatment to breakdown fat and cellulite from the chin, arms, chest, stomach, buttocks, hips and thighs.  

  • MorphoDesigner - general weight loss & contouring 
  • SculptZone - P5 regimen with enhanced cortisol control & stubborn fat isolation. Stomach, Hips, Buttocks & Thighs
  • Firming Wrap - This treatment plan accelerates the new collagen growth firming, tightening and toning. 

This treatment is life changing. Recognizable changes occur in the first session! 

Body Wrap

Duration: 60 minutes

Morpho Designer & Firming $120

Sculpt Zone  $160


ADD On's

*Radio Frequency

*Custom Massage & Bodywork

* Self Heating Mud Spinal Detox

    Pain relief


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