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Fat Burn, Detox and Immune Boost

Organic Slimming Bodywraps


Rejuvenate and Boost! Our luxorious body wraps detoxify your body and deeply hydrate your skin. Leaving you with more energy & healthier skin. Total mind body Relax.

Cellulite Loss.  Bodywraps are "THE" consistent "GO TO" METHOD for safe, practical and effective weight and cellulite management. Lose inches and keep it off.

Body Sculpting  Plan.  At DMS, be sure that we have tested every treatment and procedure. The most value for your money is what we strive to offer. 

Rapid Method ($280-$420)

  • If you need to lose 2-3 inches and up to 15 lbs quickly. Our Rapid cellulite and weight loss program is what you need. Every body is different, 2-3 wraps per week for 2 weeks will have you looking great and feeling great.
  • Includes nutrition & mobility plan

Long Term Treatment Method (2 hours per session $1600)

Our body contouring treatment plan is 8 sessions in 6 weeks includes: nutrition plan, mobility plan, massage, treatment to breakdown fat and cellulite from the chin, arms, chest, stomach, buttocks, hips and thighs.  

  • Followed by a blueberry slimming detoxifying bodywrap. 
  • This treatment plan accelerates the new collagen growth firming, tightening and toning. 

This treatment is life changing. Recognizable changes occur in the first session! 

Body Wrap

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: $70


ADD On's

*CBD massage oil aromatherapy

*Custom Massage & Bodywork


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